Patient Education

Dental Fillings   Which material is better composite (white fillings) or amalgam (silver fillings)?  The answer is simple, it depends on what you are trying to accomplish.  If you are trying to remove decay and restore function, amalgam will work fine.  On the other hand if you want a filling that is esthetically pleasing, then composite is a better choice.  In addition, I believe that in small cavities, composite works better because it bonds to tooth structure and keeps the tooth strong.  Amalgam has been proven scientifically to be a safe material even though it contains mercury.  As always the best choice is prevention:  brushing, flossing and reducing sugary snacks…especially soda pop, regular and diet!

Gum Disease  The World Health Organization reports that over 80% of Americans have some gum disease.  Gum Disease causes bleeding gums, bad breath and tooth loss, which may be only the beginning findings.  Current research has also linked gum disease to type II diabetes, heart disease, blood clots and stroke

If every time you washed your hands and they bled you would not only be startled, but you would probably think this was not normal.  If you had a bleeding open wound on your hand, you would want to heal the wound immediately right?  Then, add infection to that wound, and you have an even more serious situation.  Most of us wouldn’t hesitate to seek professional help to close the wound and attend to the infection.  Many of us seek professional help when we experience symptoms related to diabetes, heart disease, blood clots and stroke just to name a few.  Your general dentist is capable to help circumvent further disease progression that can result from gum disease with regular visits.

Today I ask you to consider improving your health.  Call our office at 989-832-8881 for an appointment, and have our professional staff provide you with quality care at an affordable price.   Your mouth will most certainly say “Thank-you”.

Dr. Mark Cadotte, DDS